Jana Gana Mana – Short Movie


This is an inspiring short film directed by Vijay Das and produced by prabhakar Patnaik which is all about the inspiring national anthem, Jana Gana Mana.




The story presented through this short film is all about the patriotism and unity; along with it is the urgency of sharing the responsibility. Four educationally deprived children who run after the school bus on the eve of 26th January finally end up reaching to school. They were surprised to see the students coming to school without school books which is unusually surprising for them to see. They question themselves with one another and one of the children tells them that it was the special day for school and the silently follow the students.

They glance inside the school campus and they saw a student hosting the flag and leading the band. One elder person was hosting the flag and once it is done the student performers started singing the national Anthem. However, while having glance they are interfered by a guard who tries to drive them away. But the children were little stubborn and they still try to have the entire proceeding glanced. Moment later they also try to follow what they saw in school; so one of the children rushed to the road took out the handle of the broom of a lady sweeper and washed it out well.

Right after that he and three others tied the national flag on the tip of the broom handle and started singing the national anthem with little hesitation and pause. When the students came out they saw them. The girl who sang the anthem proceeded to them and helped them out. She asked if they were not taught the anthem in their school then one of the children told her that they don’t study because they cannot afford it. The movie sends a message about unity, responsibility besides the national, individual and constitutional rights.

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3 Stars (3 / 5)

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